About Zeatic

Zeatic は2020年12月に結成されたチーム「NNN」から生まれ変わり新たに結成されたVRプロゲーミングチームです。



Zeatic is a VR gaming team that was newly formed after a reincarnation from the team "NNN", which was established in December 2020.

With the theme "Making VR games into a sport and VR into a culture", we aim to make VR games into eSports, combining the unique features of VR with the culture of eSports to establish a new style. Without being bound by existing cultures, we aim to pioneer new frontiers and contribute to the popularization and development of VR and the Metaverse through our activities.

Our History

2022.11 VR向けエイムトレーニングアプリ「AimVR」のリリース

2022.9 IVRL League Vail Qualifier 突破、本戦出場

2022.6 Zeatic設立


2022.1 Population:ONE Japan community New Year杯 優勝

2021.7 MobToyco The Showdown: Second Asia Tournament 優勝

2021.5 Population:ONE 第2回スクワッド最強決定戦 優勝

2021.4 Population:ONE 日本人最強決定戦 優勝


社名:Zeatic株式会社/Zeatic Inc.

住所:〒104-006 東京都中央区銀座1-12-4 N&E BLD. 7階

代表:菊田 聡一郎